The Relaunch of Ash Wednes day

Palm Sunday has partnered with Universal Flowering to create this signature  scent for the second time. It was designed by perfumer Courtney Rafuse and launched in 2022 as Palm Sunday’s Signature Scent.

If you’re looking to mark your arrival and prolong your departure, there’s a new essence to try—Palm Sunday’s signature scent Ash Wednesday. Last year, it debuted as a hair product scent. Now, you can make your mark with Ash Wednesday perfume. The same gentle formula and captivating scent, formulated to wear head to toe!

The Power Of Scent

Coco Chanel knew that scent carried with it secret powers, and research has proved that. It has been said that “the science of perfume is chemistry and the aromatic result is artistry, and perfumery can be likened to the nose as music is to the ear.” 

It’s been a few years since a study found what you may already know: smelling a perfume that has a positive memory attached to it creates more brain activity than when smelling a new, unfamiliar perfume. 

That could be because there’s a connection directly from your nose to the part of your brain responsible for processing emotion and the section linked to memory. So your brain learns to associate smells with certain emotional memories.

Fragrances—either directly and/or indirectly—affect the psychological and physiological condition. Odors can create emotional and physical responses to improve human health and wellbeing, and odor-evoked memories can improve mood and lower stress.

You’ve Got The Power 

Science aside, you know when you love a smell, and you can feel the positive emotions and memories associated with it. That’s especially true if you’ve already tried the Ash Wednesday hair perfume

Blended with the air of smoked coconut, pink pepper, almond, blonde tobacco and musk, it delivers deliciously scented locks from root to tip with just a spritz or two. It’s specially formulated for your hair, meaning the perfume will not dry or damage strands, leaving you seductively scented. It pairs well with Momo Shampoo + Conditioner, Davines Texture Spray, or Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine.

Take the plunge with our new Ash Wednesday perfume, a scent that’s longer lasting than the hair product. It comes in a 7.5ml glass travel pen, can fit in your pocket, your go to essential to be the most captivating person in the room.

The perfume provides notes of smoked coconut, pink pepper, chocolate almonds, blonde tobacco and musk. The scent is genderless so it is for everyone.

Everything you know, love and remember about the hair scent, now in a perfume. This is a limited release and the perfect lush scent to keep you cozy and undeniably chic all winter long. 

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