3 Ways To Survive Dry January

The holidays are over and it’s the start of Dry January.

This public health initiative started in the United Kingdom, encouraging people to stop drinking alcohol for the month. 

January can be dry in more ways than one! It’s a long month between paycheques, filled with debt from December spending. It’s also the depths of winter, when cold, dry air wreaks havoc on your skin and hair.

What can you do to get through this long, chilly month? Here are 3 ways to survive Dry January.

1. Extend the Life of Your Beauty Products

If you need to cut back on spending for a cheque or two, then making the most of your beauty products is one way to save some money until February comes around. 

Here’s how.

  • Don’t shampoo as often, which is actually good for your hair! Over-washing can dry out your hair and scalp. Alternate washing and styling days with a ponytail day, a scarf, a braid or a huge cozy chapeau! 
  • Rotate a weekly deep-clean with a cleansing treatment, or reach for a dry shampoo
  • Choose the right conditioner—like Davines Well Being Conditioner—so your hair isn’t weighed down by a heavy product. Focus on the ends of your hair and not the roots.
  • When you do wash, cut back on how much shampoo you use. In this instance, you should focus on your scalp.  
  • Extend your style by sleeping with a Strobe silk pillowcase, which allows your hair freedom of movement without damaging it. Cotton creates breakage from friction—hello, split ends—and holds on to dead skin and dirt.

2. Store Your Products Properly

Look after your beauty products as well as you look after your hair and skin! 

  • Be careful not to let water get into your shampoo and conditioner bottles. 
  • Heat and light can accelerate chemical reactions, so store skin and hair products away from heat sources and out of direct light.
  • Make sure the lids are all closed tightly after use!

3. Buy Quality

You’re probably thinking this is the time of year you need more moisturizer and conditioner than ever. But if you invest in quality products, a little goes a long way. Your products should last longer and give you more days of shampooing, conditioning, styling and moisturizing.   

It’s also key that you use your products the right way. Ask at the salon so you know how much to use; follow the instructions on the bottle; and start with less than you think so you can always add more if necessary.

You can also invest in treatments to supplement your beauty regime. Want to revive your holiday skin? Pick up a Verso Deep Hydration Mask, which delivers moisture to keep your skin hydrated for days. Your hair will benefit from a mask too, like the Davines Quick Fix Circle Hair Mask for moisturizing and detangling, or the Davines Renaissance Circle Hair Mask to repair brittle and damaged hair.

Ask Us Today

If you decide to go sober in January, that can help your skin and hair too! Drinking can lead to dehydration, trouble sleeping—which gives you dark circles and a dull complexion—and reduced skin elasticity. As a bonus you’ll also save some money! If you’d like to know more about any of our products or services, visit our online store to shop our haircare and skincare collection or contact us for advice, to book a Consultation, or plan an In-Salon Service.

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