Spring Guide to Haircare

With spring in full swing, it’s time to wash away winter and refresh your locks! 

Winters in Canada are incredibly cold—but did you know that our harsh winter climate can damage your hair? Cold, dry weather causes hair to appear dull and lifeless, creates frizz and static, and often results in breakage and split ends. 

Warmer weather brings more opportunities to wear your hair in different styles—without your trademark toque! As you transition your wardrobe for spring, take some time to revive and refresh your hair. Not only will it boost your hair’s lustre and shine, but it will also help protect it from the damaging effects of heat and humidity.

Refresh Your Hair This Spring

It’s said that April showers bring May flowers, but those showers also refresh the dusty city streets and hydrate the soil for new foliage to bloom. It’s the same idea when you refresh and revive your hair in the spring—you brush off the dust of last season, hydrate your dry and dull locks, and get your tresses flaunt-worthy and ready for the sunny springtime heat.

A full hair and scalp refresh isn’t just good for hair, it can help wipe away the winter blues and give a boost to your self-esteem and confidence. At Palm Sunday, we understand Canadian winters and the excitement and optimism that comes with spring. 

Here are just a few tips to get your locks ready for the season!

Revive Your Scalp

After a long winter, it's best to refresh your hair from root to tip. By starting at the scalp, you can remove excess oils and dead skin that cause dandruff and limp, lifeless hair. Massaging the scalp with a scalp wash adds moisture to your skin and brings essential nutrients back into your hair. A gentle scalp massage with essential oil can stimulate blood flow and encourage hair growth.

Give your scalp an invigorating boost with SCALP WASH by Kevin Murphy

Soothe your scalp and regenerate your hair with ENERGIZING SEASONAL SUPERACTIVE by Davines

Moisturize Your Hair

Once your scalp is invigorated, it’s time to hydrate your hair. After months of fabric, static, and dryness, your hair is craving moisture. By switching to a moisturizing shampoo, you’re stripping away the dead cells and product residue that leave your hair looking dull and damaged. When you follow with a moisturizing conditioner, you smooth down the hair shaft and lock in the moisture to create rich, vibrant strands.



Get a Professional Trim

A trim by a professional hair stylist at Palm Sunday Salon is the best way to embrace the season with a new, brighter style. A professional trim will remove split ends, breakage, and damage while creating a fresh spring hairstyle with more movement and shape. 

Repair Your Hair

Leave-in treatments are the perfect addition to your spring hair care routine. From leave-in oils and creams to spray-on milks and masks, leave-in conditioners add an extra layer of protection to keep individual hair strands strong and silky. 

Bring extreme healing to your hair with RENAISSANCE CIRCLE HAIR MASK by Davines

Nourish your hair and repair damage with LEAVE IN REPAIR by Kevin Murphy

Join Our Seasonal Scalp Detox and Renewal Party

Revive your hair and boost your mood at our Seasonal Scalp Detox and Renewal Party on May 24, 2023!

Visit Palm Sunday Salon to experience an Ayurvedic scalp massage from Mamta, a trained Ayurvedic specialist, featuring rejuvenating oils from local Ayurvedic brand Manjula. The 30-minute head and neck ritual is followed by a shampoo and condition with products from the Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa series and Davines Natural Tech Energizing Series—both available in salon post-treatment. A member of our team will then finish your spring renewal with a blow-dry.

To book your place at our Seasonal Scalp Detox and Renewal Party, contact us today!

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