Mermaid core: Summer Guide to Hair

Who doesn’t love the look of textured beachy waves for their summer hair. But while mermaidcore is all the rage for hair and fashion this season, filling your days with fun in the sun can do major damage to your locks.

Here at Palm Sunday, we love summer! And we also love keeping your hair healthy, nourished, and vibrant. Here are a few tips and products to help give you the hot summer hair you want with the moisture and protection you need. 

Sunlight Causes Hair Damage

When most people spend time outdoors during summer, they take steps to make sure their skin is protected. They slop on sunscreen, slip on a long-sleeved shirt, and slap on a hat to make sure they don’t burn—or increase their risk of skin cancer. But did you know that the same time of protection should be used on your hair? 

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from natural sunlight damage hair and can cause:

  • Strand weakness and breakage
  • Colour loss and fading for colour-treated hair
  • Bleaching and sun-streaks
  • Dullness and split ends
  • Rough and dry feel
  • Excess frizz

Sunlight damages the effectiveness of hair’s cuticle layer and leaves each strand’s inner core exposed to UV light. To protect your hair, styling and maintenance products with added SPF protection are recommended.

Saltwater Leaves Hair Thirsty for Hydration

If you’ve ever taken a dip in the ocean and noticed the salt left on your skin, you know how drying it can be. Just like your skin, your hair can become dehydrated when exposed to salt water—especially if you sit out in the sun with your hair wet and unrinsed. The lack of hydration doesn’t just affect your hair, either. Salt water can leave your scalp dry, itchy, and flaky. 

Humidity Has Side Effects

While the drying effects of salt water and the sun can damage your hair, humid conditions during summer can also cause frizz, dullness, and breakage. Humidity essentially separates the protein bundles (keratin) along the hair shaft and makes the cuticle layer feel rough, dry, and stiff.

UV Protection Benefits Your Hair

UV light can cause your hair strands to appear dry, dull, and thin. Using hair care products with built-in UV protection allows you to enjoy your fun in the sun while leaving your locks lustrous and healthy.  

UV protection for your hair will:

  • Keep your hair moisturized, soft, and lush
  • Minimize colour loss, tone changes, and fading
  • Prevent premature graying
  • Prevent split ends and frizz along the hair shaft
  • Strengthen hair and prevent breakage

Protect Your Hair With Quality Products

The ethos of Kevin Murphy products is “skin care for your hair”—a philosophy shared by Palm Sunday and other producers of modern hair care products. 

This summer, safeguard the beauty and lustre of your hair with the following products featuring UV protection:

Kevin Murphy: All Kevin Murphy products contain UV protectors to keep your hair soft, supple, and shiny.

OI by Davines: To rehydrate hair damaged by the summer elements, check out the OI ALL IN ONE MILK or OI CONDITIONER with roucou oil.

NATURALTECH by Davines: Bounce back from salt and sun damage with Davines’ nourishing keratin line, including the Renewing Conditioning Treatment.

MOMO by Davines: Leave your hair cleansed, soft, and hydrated with these shampoo bars made with vitamins, natural mineral salts, and yellow melon extract.

This summer, protect your hair and keep your tresses looking their best with high-quality hair care from Palm Sunday Salon. Contact us to join the Hairparty Text Club to receive exclusive discounts and special offers!

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