Plan Your Autumn Vibe

It’s not just leaves that change their colours in fall—you can too! 

Autumn is a perfect time to embrace a new colour trend, following the shades of the fall foliage or blazing your own trail to set the style. This is when the pastels of spring and the beachy tones of summer are replaced by the earthy hues of autumn. 

Think of cozy colours like brown and beige or follow the lead of Mother Nature with the crimson, yellow, and orange you see all around. Here are some of the fall trends that will illuminate and inspire you.

Jewel Tones

These are colours derived from gemstones—think sapphire blue, ruby red and emerald green—with a high level of colour saturation that make them stand out. These hues are dynamic and eye-catching. In a hair colour, a jewel tone is bold and edgy. You can even combine colours in your locks. If you don’t want to make a statement with your hair colour, choose a sweater or scarf to achieve the same bold effect.


This is a standout autumn shade, and if you opt for copper hair, you’ll stand out too—in a good way! This warm hue blends notes of red, brown, bronze and orange. Think of a shiny new penny or a mug for a moscow mule: a stunning shade with brilliant shine.

Earth Tones

This more traditional colour palette includes the warm shades of brown, green, gray, and beige, but can also incorporate muted tones of orange, red, and yellow. For hair colour, red clay is an autumn trend that follows the changing leaves around us. Red clay hair color is deeper than a regular shade of red, giving your hair more life and providing an easier transition than moving to a bright red. It’s also adaptable to a wide range of skin tones and eye colours.

See Red

If summer was all pink—thanks in large part to the blockbuster success of the Barbie movie—then autumn should make you see red. Like a maple tree saying goodbye to the dog days of summer, you too can blaze on the scene with brilliant red hair, a new top, or a red purse. It has been said that no other colour has the “extraordinary appeal” of red, chock-full of drama, but still classic. 

Get Inspired

Looking for your own colour inspiration?  Book a consultation with one of the stylists at Palm Sunday. From highlights to a one-step colour root and ends refresh to a completely transformational colour, we can help you achieve your autumn signature look. All of our colours include a keratin bond building treatment. 

You can also try one of our Tone at Home Colour Kits, designed to maintain your current colour, blend out a growing root, balance your blonde or provide an all over glaze.

If you do choose to colour your hair, use Everlasting Colour Leave In Treatment to protect your shade. This bond-building colour protective treatment comes in a lightweight leave-in spray. It treats and strengthens hair from the inside, for more robust and healthier hair. It will also preserve the  vibrancy of the colour, protect  your hair from environmental stressors, and nourish, hydrate and repair your locks.

If you’re happy with your natural colour but want to boost your look, try some Shimmer Shine.  Infused with a nourishing blend of Australian Fruit Extracts, this product adds instant, radiant shine to your hair. It will help counteract a dull, flat colour—even on dark tones—while nourishing and moisturizing your hair. 

If you’re not sure about your own autumn transformation, visit our online store to shop our haircare and skincare collection or contact us for advice, to book a Virtual Consultation, or plan an In-Salon Service.

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