Despite what you think, heading back to school can be cool.

There are plenty of cool girls and women who love to learn, and you can too. Here are a few mentors to help you get excited to hit the books and show off what you know.

Nancy Drew

Who doesn’t know about Nancy Drew? She’s been around solving mysteries since 1930. This teenage amateur sleuth has matured over the years, emerging as older and more professional, and even driving a hybrid electric vehicle and using a cell phone. She’s always been smart and well-loved, the perfect female counterpart to the Hardy Boys, who needed two of them to solve what Nancy could handle alone. 

Lizzie McGuire

This more modern day brain helped many young women figure out adolescence and the show was recognized as an outstanding program with several Emmy Awards nominations. While Lizzy was innocent and shy, she also showed us how to navigate stress from school, siblings, crushes, and bullies, and buying our first bra. 

Jessica Jones

Brains are a superpower for Jessica, an ex-superhero turned private investigator who opens her own detective agency. Jessica has superhuman strength and limited flight power, but gives up her brief superhero career after an incident with a villain in which she kills someone. After that incident, and suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder, she becomes a private investigator. She shows us that superheroes are human too.

Akeelah Anderson

Although she’s only 11 years old when she competes in a National Spelling Bee, in Akeelah and the Bee, she inspires us as she overcomes obstacles despite facing challenges. This smart and feisty young woman also shows us the importance of community, and deals with esteem and stigma in school.

Hermione Granger

We all know the name Harry Potter but where would he be without brainiac Hermione, the intelligent young witch who knows all the answers—or where to find them. Hermione is smart enough to defeat the bad guys and ace her classes.

Leia Organa

Princesses are not just about good looks and great clothes. Princess Leia showed us that in the Star Wars series as a Princess and Resistance general. She can tackle tasks like repairing a spaceship and then switch gears and use her strategic mind to lead missions against the Empire. 

Back to School Smarts 

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