When it comes to achieving luscious, healthy hair, the right treatments can make all the difference. At PALM SUNDAY salon, we believe in providing our clients with top-tier hair care solutions that bring out the best in their locks especially after a colour service, so with every colour service you also receive a complimentary treatment as well! Whether you're dealing with damage, dryness, or simply want to maintain your hair's natural beauty, our selection of advanced hair treatments has you covered. Here’s an in-depth look at the exclusive hair treatments you can experience at PALM SUNDAY. 

The K18 Pro Chelating Hair Complex (Pre-Colour Treatment)

For those looking to detox their hair from the build-up of minerals, metals, and product residue, the K18 Chelating Hair Complex is a game-changer. This treatment goes beyond surface-level cleansing, penetrating deep to remove impurities that can weigh hair down and dull its shine. The result? Hair that feels lighter, looks brighter, and is primed for maximum absorption of nutrients from subsequent treatments.

Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist by K18

Damaged hair can often feel like a lost cause, but the K18 Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist is here to change that narrative. This revolutionary treatment works on a molecular level to repair and strengthen hair from within. By restoring the hair’s natural keratin structure, this mist helps to rebuild broken bonds, resulting in stronger, healthier hair that’s resilient against future damage. It’s an ideal solution for those who frequently style their hair with heat or chemical treatments.

The Famous K18 Hair Mask

Rounding out the K18 offerings at PALM SUNDAY is the renowned K18 Hair Mask. This mask is a favourite for its transformative properties. It not only repairs damage but also protects hair against environmental stressors. With regular use, clients can expect improved elasticity, less breakage, and an overall healthier appearance. It's particularly effective for those with colour-treated or chemically processed hair, delivering hydration and repair without weighing hair down.

Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Keratin (Post Colour Treatment)

For clients seeking a more natural approach to hair care, the Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Keratin treatment is an excellent choice. This treatment is rich in keratin and natural ingredients, providing intense nourishment and hydration to dry, brittle hair. By replenishing essential proteins, it helps to smooth and fortify the hair shaft, leaving you with silky, shiny hair that's full of life.


Davines Heart of Glass Intense Treatment

Blonde hair, whether natural or dyed, requires special care to maintain its vibrancy and health. The Davines Heart of Glass Intense Treatment is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of blonde hair but also any type of hair that has been processed. A misconception is that the Heart of Glass line is only for blondes but its for anyone who has gotten their hair processed, coloured or anything! This treatment fortifies and brightens, enhancing your natural glow while preventing breakage and brassiness. Infused with botanical extracts, it ensures your colour stays beautiful and vibrant for longer.

Davines Bonding Glow Treatment

Finally, the Davines Bonding Glow Treatment offers a holistic approach to hair health. This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to strengthen their hair from the inside out. By targeting the internal structure of the hair, it improves elasticity and reduces breakage. It’s particularly beneficial for those with chemically treated or fragile hair, as it helps to restore integrity and shine, giving your hair a healthy, radiant glow.

Davines OI Liquid Luster Treatment

To add an extra touch of luxury and shine, the Davines OI Liquid Luster Treatment is an excellent choice. This innovative treatment delivers an instant boost of gloss and softness, making your hair look and feel luxurious. The lightweight formula is designed to penetrate deeply, providing hydration without weighing your hair down. It’s perfect for anyone looking to achieve a lustrous, high-gloss finish that turns heads.


At PALM SUNDAY, we are committed to using only the highest quality products and the latest techniques to ensure our clients receive the best possible care. Our experienced stylists are trained in the application of these advanced treatments, ensuring you get personalized service tailored to your hair’s unique needs.

Get Treatments For At Home

Healthy, beautiful hair is within your reach with these treatments available at PALM SUNDAY salon. Whether you’re looking to repair damage, boost hydration, or simply maintain your hair’s natural beauty, our range of K18 and Davines treatments offers something for everyone. We offer the Davines Oi Liquid Luster, Heart of Glass Intense Treatment and the Bonding Glow for retail as well as the K18 Hair Mask and Oil for you to take home to continue your healthy hair journey outside of the salon! 

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