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    We recently left town twice, travelling and cottaging far and wide, to help get some ladies ready for their walk down the dock or aisle or wood chip trail… here they come!!

    Tabbi was married at Round Lake, in Algonquin. She was a such a cool and gorgeous person/bride. Having a design background in fashion, Tabbi  made all the dresses her girls wore, one of them featured below, second from the top.  Once we have the professional photos we will absolutely feature her stunning wedding in the gallery.

    The bottom photos are taken in Muskoka, by a pro… Kate Hood. She was awesome, the light in her photos is everything! The floral crown Amy is wearing is also made by a dear client of ours, Tanya List. Ok, and it doesn’t end there, Amy’s dress, so simple, so elegant is designed by Lowon Pope , who just so happens to be our good friend Max’s parents! Its so cool to see such talented network of people’s work all together in one day. Amy, you have pretty good taste.


    IMG_5150tphoto 1photo 2

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    One Fine Bunch is just what Palm Sunday needed. Its a platform for artists to create original content on a monthly basis. Its like joining the gym with a friend. You have to go, and more than that, you “want” to go. One Fine Bunch is an exercise in interpreting a theme and creating something whether it be a photograph, a written piece or a pair of sunglasses. Odette Mattha is our Billy Blanks, and OFB is our Tae Bo. We are so honoured to be part of this talented group and thankful we get to flex this muscle on a regular basis.

     Our first series that we did was themed Adoration. We shot Kat’s Baba, who just turned 92 last week! She is also the Cover Girl that is gracing our homepage. The process for Baba was to have her wear wigs and hair pieces that celebrate the decades she has witnessed, fashion that she has seen come and go and come again. Wigs and hair pieces are a methodical process in which you have to sew in wefts of hair, to add thickness and length. Sometimes they have to be boiled and steamed. Its wild stuff. Cc. Ru Paul‘s Drag Race.

    *shout out to Toilet Paper magazine and Seletti World for making the sickening and intriguing tablecloth we used for our background. Food is love.

    70's Baba. She taught boxing in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

    70′s Baba. She taught boxing in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

    Millennial Baba. She dances all night and loves digital technology.

    Millennial Baba. She dances all night and loves digital technology.

    O.G. Baba. This look is her true  iconic roots. She was a war bride, a mother, a strong member of the Ukrainian community, and a true survivor.  Baba's full story would be 10 James Cameron movies long.

    O.G. Baba. This look is her true iconic roots. She was a war bride, a mother, a strong member of the Ukrainian community, and a true survivor. Baba’s full story would be 10 James Cameron movies long.

    This Months theme is IN BLOOM. March is that magical time of year when the clocks go forward, Spring Equinox happens and serotonin returns to normal levels.

    This edition we chose to submit a video. It was an organic thing that happened at the end of the shoot (typical) when things were wrapping up and pizza and champagne were being served to our hardworking and hungry models. The girls were just dancing around and listening to music and things took a very chill turn..

    We had always planned to have them in a tundra setting for the originals stills, however we did team up with Tyler Von Muehlen of Von Pixel who is a master data bender, breaker of technology, video game developer, grill master etc etc. He made the alpine tundra/Yukon come to life, in bloom. Stef and Tiff were amazing and delivered not just with dancing and eating but lending us their hair. Colouring the girls hair’s was the obvious choice here, so we took Tiff into a flaming hot Cheetos base with clip in AeroMint  fringe. Stef got a blown out floral Monet inspired tye dye section on one side, finished with a tiny baby crimper called Kink…actually. Its made by Hai. Enjoy the show, and don’t be S.A.D. anymore.

    photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

    **This blog post was to introduce you to One Fine Bunch, and the work that we do with them. We will be posting everything to a separate gallery that you can find in the menu section on the homepage. The full video clip will be there too!






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    We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for making The Saloon Salon a massive success. Our plans today could not have happened without that support. We have turned a new leaf and we are thrilled to introduce you to our new hair salon and gift shop known as Palm Sunday. We have the opportunity to bring you an even more exciting and interactive experience. The new space will still carry the core values of great hair and liberal, down to earth ethos, but this time with a larger team to serve you better, and a face lift so extreme you would never be able to guess our building’s age!

    Kat Marcus and Ronnie Dag will be doing hair alongside the very talented Mark Boots. We are also beyond excited to introduce Shane Lyon as Palm Sunday’s Salon Director, so you can feel relaxed and connect with us faster than ever. We have grown as stylists. We want to spend more time at the chair thoroughly addressing your needs, and to provide an even more customized experience. Our gift shop will provide thoughtfully curated grooming products and fabulous life accessories, so your Palm Sunday experience can resonate until we meet again.
    We are only collaborating with artists, designers and originators who dedicate themselves to their craft as much as we do.
    We think it’s very important to create new and progressive experiences for ourselves and for you. We strive to embrace change and breathe new life into our status quo. We want you to visit us even if it’s not time for a trim.
    We are so grateful to have the opportunity to bring this project to life. We thank you so much for supporting us during this transformation and are so so excited to show y’all what we’ve got in store!

    “Everything you can imagine is real.”
    —Pablo Picasso


    Kat, Ronnie & Shane
    Palm Sunday

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